JDINER-Class Fighter

The first ship of the year, built (mostly) in a record one day. Would have been finished the next were it not for a little remodelling done in "The Travel Room".

The first ship I was going to build was to be a "horror", dedicated to Marcy Italiano, the author of Pain Machine, whom we met in a room party at Torcon3. I even built the legs for it! But then I started looking at some of the stuff I had scattered about the desk and spied a Scotch-brand cellophane mailing-tape dispenser (the red-bit in the nude shots). Note the metal teeth are intact.

That evening our friend's daughter accidently broke an all-one-piece set of chopsticks, an event apparently so distressing to her parents that they broke years of careful training and threw it away, even knowing it was plastic! Retrieved, they became the guns. Um, the chopsticks. Not the parents.

The real jdiner

Joshua Dinerstein pretty much is TiVo video extraction. In his spare time he's written TyTool, a program that makes it possible to extract a recorded show from a TiVo, remove the non-MPEG bits, repair and process the rest into a legal DVD (or SVCD) format, and, using dvdauthor, create a DVD image with a menu and chapters. Before jdiner this process involved a series of programs, most command-line Unix, and the resulting MPEG was not always usable. Of course, he stands on the shoulders of giants, but he is as much a giant himself.

Bottom - 28kb
Side - 24kb
Top - 28kb
Aft - 41kb
Side - 24kb
Side - 24kb
Basecoats - 36kb
Nudes - Aft - 48kB
Side - 20kB
Bottom - 32kB

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