Fighter Agile Gryphon

This is what happens to an engine module that no longer fits the rest of the ship. I added wings, guns, and a Halloween whistle for a nose. The neatest part, though is the three keyboard keys in a row. After that the real difficulty began.

Once before I'd built a darkred fighter, so I tried again. Nice and glossy ("decal-ready"), but too dark! I drybrushed a lighter red. Better, but now it had a rough-texture. And it would still need some other color. So, I drybrushed a tan quasi-camouflage. And sprayed a lot of Future Floor Wax on to make the surface smooth enough for the F/A-18 decals, chosen mostly because the "AG" was the same shape as the wing. The decals and the keys were the only elements of serendipity on this bad boy. Well, and the guns, slapped-on to the ends of plastic clothespins.

Front - 36kb
Bottom - 44kb
Nose - 32kb
Top - 44kb
Aft - 28kb
Left Side - 24kb
Right Side - 28kb

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