Andromeda Fighter

In the opening credits of the show there's a ship that approaches the camera then explodes. That was my inspiration for this one. Actually, I doubt the ship in the show really has a "W" wing pattern, but I thought I'd try one out, just for grins.

The engines took a record time to do the rough fabrication on because they are an easter egg atop a contact container atop a contact solution bottle which tapers and flares into a spray bottle cap. I like quick and easy! The gun is a contact container on the front of a megaphone which had been split along the seam so that I could sandwich the one-piece plasticard wing. And that's pretty much all there is to it, save a little detailing.

Top - 52kb
Bottom - 48kb
Front - 24kb
Aft - 20kb
Side - 20kb
Side - 32kb
Nudes: Top - 40kb
Bottom - 41kb

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