Kolus Incarnadine

Inspired by the work of Kow Yokoyama, the Kolus started as a backwards Me-111 to which I added a sideways-mounted cylinder and a large gum-drop machine dome. The truncated tusks are caps to some spray bottle. The guns are P-61 tail booms.

Painting started with a basecoat of black, followed by a coat of British Crimson. I wanted to show some depth and texture, so I mottled-on ATSF Red. It didn't have quite enough contrast, so I mottled again, but with RLM 23.

The real Kolus is Maximiliano Kolus, an anti-spammer deep in the heart of what was until recently the second most spam-tolerant nation on earth, Argentina (Number 1 is China, 2 is Brazil). It has not been easy being part of a community that routinely refuses mail from *.ar. Still, Maximiliano manages to train Argentinian anti-spammers and participate in anti-spam fora, where his is one of the consistently rational and helpful voices. His major achievement, largely unknown amongst his fellow anti-spammers, is the Osirusoft Open Proxy list, a list of addresses of Windows machines that have broadband access to the internet and on which spammers have installed trojans through which to distribute their spam. The list he maintains is used by hundreds of ISP's and e-mail Admins to filter-out all incoming e-mail from systems which, anymore, only send spam. Thus Maximiliano is pretty-much single-handedly responsible for protecting millions of internet users from most spam.

Thank you, Maximiliano Kolus.

Top front - 33kb
Bottom - 4.2kb
Top side - 19kb
Aft - 14.2kb
Side - 14.1kb
Nudes: Top - 28kb
Bottom - 28kb

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