Ravenstar Defender

Another of two ships I made from components fabricated years ago and available from Ravenstar Studios. The main hull was a prototype I'd made for Ravenstar Studios but never finished and submitted. The engines are Ravenstar FE-04 Engines and the gun is an EH-07 Engineering Hull. I added some details, pre-engine structures, decals, and paint.

It was inspired by the Kadeshi Swarmers from Homeworld. Here's some pictures of some tres kool variants on the Kadeshi ships. And you can import them into your game, too.

The layered picture is the two defenders atop one another, an image that inspired, along with the Texas, another ship that didn't get finished. Interestingly, I made the Kolus initially to go atop the ship that didn't get finished.

Top - 24KB
Side - 40KB
Bottom - 48KB
Bottom - 52KB
Pre-decor - 28kb
Layered - 28KB

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