Counter Insurgency

This is my second Kow Yokoyama-esque ship, where I tried not to use quite so much A+B Epoxy. I think the overall design came out pretty good, if you like ships that resemble a caveman's club. The shapes are an A-10 Warthog fuselage, the upper fuselage of an A-7 Corsair, a large Easter egg, two small ones, and two plastic shot-glasses. The missile packs are contact lenses containers, and the wings are attached to the lids of two more. The paints are Intermediate blue and Blue Angel blue, arranged to be reminiscient of a killer whale.

Port side - 20KB
Top - 24KB
Bottom - 24KB
Bottom - 28KB
Starboard - 20KB
Top - 20KB
Nude side - 25KB Nude top - 29KB Nude bottom - 36KB

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