Piedmont Freighter

I actually built this ship almost a dozen years ago. I always figured I'd paint it medium-blue, with yellow tanks, but I never got a round tuit.

Herself found it and told me what colors to paint it. I should have started by spraying black over the gray basecoat, but I didn't. Instead, I went right to a spray of Military Brown, followed by a drybrushing of Rust, and a light drybrushing, just to pick-up the highlights, of Soviet Brown #2. Oopsie!

I wanted lots of truck-like markings and found some, thanks to an airliner and a racecar. The oopsie? I should have applied the decals BEFORE the weathering. Bummer.

Anyway, I applied more weathering, followed by some airbrushed black (mixed with clear flat to contribute medium without additional pigment) on the leading edges of things, engines, and the I-don't-know-what's on the ends of the freight containers. The drybrushing made this a quick ship to paint, and obviated the need for a clear-coat before or after the decals. A colorful alternative to another Y-wing, yes?

Piedmont front view - 30.1KB
Piedmont side view - 18.7KB
Piedmont top view - 30.6KB
Piedmont bottom view - 30.7KB

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