Shark II Corvette

This started as a Japanese anima spaceship kit, but instead of glueing together the two sides, I laid them flat to a plasticard sheet and glued the bottoms towards each other. I used the rest of the components from the kit, even the stand, various placs all over. I used another anima ship for the nose. The bottom is one of the deliciously cheap one-piece 1/72 scale F-14 fuselages. The odd drop-tank, tank track link, and evergreen plastic sidewalk and, viola, a ship! Somewhat in the style of last year's Shark.

Two of this year's ships were drybrushed. This one was painted in the style I used exclusively many years ago. I painted it overall Field Drab, then went back and, between all the lines, airbrushed SAC Bomber Tan. It was one of those ships where it looked very mediocre until the last coat of paint - Then it finally started looking pretty good.

Shark top view - 17.3KB
Shark side view - 16.2KB
Shark side view - 18.9KB

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