Regina Orient

Started as a copy of one in StarshipModeler's Gallery, I couldn't bring myself to paint it the same any more than I could build it the same. Painting started with orange, with lighter orange inside the sections. Then I put on some ivy stickers, then sprayed the ship Prussian Blue (can't tell in the pictures, though), with USSR Interior Blue\Green inside from the edge. Last, I borrowed one of the dinosaur stencils I made for the Lycan ship to help fill-up the top center. Some of the more "alien" dry-transfers I got from Archer Fine Transfers finished the ship and, not incidently, helped disguise the orange ivy-shapes.

As for the title, "Regina Orient" is short for, "I've no idea for a name whatsoever." Mercifully, it happens more often than I lack ideas for ships. So far.

Regina top view - 16.2KB
Regina side view - 12.4KB
Regina side view - 15.8KB

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