Lycan Heavy Fighter

A couple of years ago I saw a series of pictures of the Betty from Alien: Resurrection and thought to build one. I got as far as the front, gun-mounts, and the narrow waist, lost interest, and put it aside. Last October I built some Lycan ships and a space-station for a TV pilot show. Because of the scale and the expected environment - one with too many bright lights - I used dry-brushing to paint them. It was so much fun, working in that scale and painting them that way, that I built this ship to fit in with the rest.

Most of the major part of the body I built a couple of years ago. To it I added an engine made from a Joe's Crabshack glass I nearly froze to death getting two years ago at Wonderfest (in July it was 40 degrees - In Louisvile, Kentucky!). The legs are disposable razors, and the guns I initially made for the Lycan Destroyer.

Lycan top view - 4.8KB
Lycan right side - 24.5KB
Lycan left view - 25.1KB
Lycan bottom view - 27.2JB

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