Shark Corvette

Ever since it came out I've thought there was a good spaceship in the Empire Strikes Back Speederbike, but it wasn't until I saw Jochen Ortmann's model Defence (according to another wonderful modeler, Stephan Skaletzka) did I know how to do it. Even then, Jochen did it better, I think. Of course, I'd already partialy caniballised the kit (the half-cone shaped foot guards that were supposed to go beside the fuselage), else I could have done a closer copy.

About the only things on my 'ship that is not a Speederbike part are the guns (from some 1/48 WWII fighter), the engines (stacked plastic rings), and the wings (1/144 MiG-23, I think). This 'ship was about as close as I ever get to buiding a kit, as all I had to do is follow the pictures. It was such a pleasant change from the hard work of scratchbuilding and kit-bashing!

Awards: Squadron Scalefest First place

Side - 17.3KB

Nifty Wonderfest picture,

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