L'Barii Fighter

Deep inside this ship is a plastic box with rounded corners, the gift of good friend, one of the head librarians for City of Fort Worth. Periodically she makes a gift of a large bag of the plastic boxes staples come in. What librarians need with so many staples remains an intriguing mystery. At least it's not razor blades or matches.

This ship also serves as an example of how wings make all the difference.

I started by sanding-off (The disk/belt sander is you friend!) opposite corners, just to break-up the shape. I added squirt-bottle tops (the clear ones) to the sides, thinking to slap turrets on the end. I found in the parking-lot at work the broken handle of a windshield ice-scraper. (Yes, Texas does get that cold. No, not very often. Mercifully.) On to the end it went, giving the ship some length, increased a few more inches by the addition of a Ravenstar engine and half of a plastic Easter-egg. The nose got a "V"-shape that had been intended as a ship of its own. I tied it to the rest of the ship by making it a gun-mount - The shorter guns are the extended grips from an old parallel-port printer cable. A few details here and there and I had... A boring ship. Throw it out? Neglect it for years? Hehehe...

I added sheets of plastic, in an almost TIE-fighter-esque arrangement. Viola' - It's a whole new ballgame! The paint is orange, with tan panels and turquoise stripes. I wanted to use jade green stripes, but I didn't have any at the time. Teach me not to budget time to visit my favorite hobby shop in Bedford.

Awards: Squadron Scalefest First place

Side view - 18.7 KB Front - 38.8 KB Top - 23.4 KB Bottom - 24.5KB

Nifty Wonderfest picture, starshipmodeler.com

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