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A good friend of mine in Seattle started back to school, being bored with work and afraid of eventually being made redundant at $WeMakeAirliners in Seattle. The instructor of one of his classes in computer graphics recommended a particular website as a superlative example of a fresh, imaginative approach to graphics in website design. He visited, and quickly wrote me about the magnificent Space Ships.

I went. I saw. I drooled. Well, nearly. And, better, I was inspired.

Feng Zhu has a beautiful illustration style (that he actually describes). Equally important to me, he designed a beautiful ship that looked "buildable", while making it imaginative and unique. I couldn't help but build one, in that, sadly, not altogether flattering way I have.

I started building it before Wonderfest, finishing the fun part (The construction!) and some of the painting before leaving for Louisville. Since I had a wonderful portable air-compressor for my air-brush, and a full roll of Scotch tape, I took it all with me, determined to finish it before the contest. Alas, after hours of masking and a few minutes of painting, I removed the tape to find that... I had removed a lot of the paint. Right down to the plastic. I was... Annoyed. It also scotched my plan to enter it into the contest.

When I got home I stripped-off the paint (with oven-cleaner) and repainted it. Although Feng's original appears to be in a more Star Wars style, in shades of white, with rocket-esque exhausts, I still prefer the Homeworld style. Maybe next year I'll crack-open that old bottle of spaceship-white...