Interceptor side - 23kb

Interceptor front - 29kb

Interceptor top - 24kb

Interceptor bottom - 22kb

A pre-paint shot

Another nude

I was looking through the Star Wars comics one day and came upon a picture of a ship that looked like a green dome with two oval-diametered probes poking out the front. I wanted to build one, but I didn't want to take the time to build the dome, so I modified a Ravenstar Romulan Corsair. It was easy to saw-off the nose, then add some other pieces, such as the halves of the missles that come with a 1/48 A-10 kit, separated by a stick of 1/4 inch Evergreen plastic.

I couldn't find a green I liked, so I painted yet another ship red. I had wanted to do all the "feathers" in tan, but I was persuaded to go with orange. Having just finished the Heavy Fighter which was also red and orange striped, I had to be sure and use a different shade of orange. I thought the weathering was a little heavy-handed, yet the ship won Third Place in the IPMS Nationals!

You bet I was surprised. You can see their photograph of it by looking-up category 610, or just look at the picture.

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