Carrier 369

Carrier 369 side - 9kb

Carrier 369 top - 14kb

Carrier 369 engine detail - 15kb

This started off as one of those old fashioned ships. You know - The kind that has to spin to provide pseudo-gravity. After I added the breathmint-box hangar-bays I decided to give it directional artificial gravity. Most of the other components are Scotch tape hubs, acryllic cylanders, and computer keypboard keys. The engines were another casting of the engines I used the previous year on the L-9 Combat Shuttle.

Stuck for colors, I painted it about the same as the Taiidan Fighter 369-4 in Testors dark gray, purple, and light green. The decals I picked-up a couple of weeks earlier at the IPMS Nationals. They are Skymodels Italian aircraft markings I bought from Pacific Coast Models. I bought two pairs of sheets, in 1/72nd and 1/48th, because they were in a variety of sizes and colours. Although I've usually omitted recognizable markings as they always make ships seem so... Earthy, now that I've tried it, I like putting numbers and stuff all over, so expect to see more of them next year.

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