The Seeschildkroete

After building the The Winking Tree Frog I was still curious what it might have looked like going the other direction, with the wings sweeping back, and the engines enlarging while extending back. Thus, the "Sea Turtle" - what The Winking Tree Frog could have been.
AWonderfest Silver Award Winner.

After bulding the basic body and adding wings and engines I test-fitted other components I had laying about to see what might look good on the front end of the ship. I found a part that might look nice... Thus the neck and head. Then I looked at the basic ship and, as frequently happens, it suddenly took on an unexpected personality. At that moment it reminded me of the Mondoshawan, one of the good aliens from the beginning of "Fifth Element". Upon further examination and reflection, however... As "Sea Turtle" lacked much nobility, I wrote a good friend in Ireland (Hi, Bernd!) who suggested "Seeschildkroete".

After building it (my favourite part of any ship) I set it aside while I decided on a paint scheme. It was at that time that the Kimbell Museam was entertaining the "Fience" exhibit. As I came to realize during the exhibit, fience was form of ancient Egyptian pottery where they took fairly limp clay, shaped it as best they could into a statuette or a bead or something, embedded more clay of differring colours, stuck it the kiln, and, as often as not, chucked it for doing the typical fience thing of collapsing. Anyway, there were some regulation colours, turquois, blue, tan, roof-brown, and a couple of shades of green. Except for the greens and turquoise, I used those colours on this ship. Overall, I think it came fairly interesting. Certainly different, anyway.

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