L-9 Combat Shuttle

L-9 Combat Shuttle dorsal view

Back when I made the Escort Fighter Ravenstar kit I envisioned a companion ship, one equally asymetrical, but with a higher payload. I started building this 'ship to be such a kit, even going to the bother of starting an interior for it before deciding... nah.
AWonderfest Certificate of Merit Winner.

L-9 Combat Shuttle bow view
L-9 Combat Shuttle stern view
L-9 Combat Shuttle ventral view

I also liked the idea of angled engines, like with the "Nebulon Ranger" from the Star Wars comics. Funny, that in the Escort I wanted to make sure the engines stayed horizontal, since only the engines and the cockpit were horizontal, thus defined level. On this shuttle, there are already plenty of clues as to what level is, so the engines needn't be.

L-9 Combat Shuttle starboard view

Painting was Light Gray, followed by white in most places except the corners of the upper-wing panels and the engines. Panels were painted in shades of light gray. The emblem on top was a character form a free font, modified, edited into a Word document, printed onto the back of a sheet of frisket paper, cut-out wit an exacto blade, then applied as a stencil. The two little bits next to it, and the symbol on the side was masked with round price stickers and Scotch-brand tape.

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