[Vervair-Class Fighter]
[Side view of Vervair-Class Fighter]

Another "what to do with a P-51B" exercise, only this one uses the wings, too. Gun barrels and missile bodies are computer pins. Conduit is elastic giftwrap string. Here's another rendition of the same subject that I really like.

Vervair-Class Fighter

[Bottom view of Vervair-Class Fighter]

Another light fighter that never actually had any sleekness, as the guns, too, are mounted outside, along with the rather oversized (for this ship) anti-ship "torpedo". This particular example is of one of the more famous of the IDP Fleet. The pilot, Will, encountered, during a routine reconnaissance, an enemy cargoe vessel engaged in recruiting privateers and insurgents, supplying them with armaments and targeting data. Will noticed that all the communications from the transport were unencoded, so he recorded the passing ship's identities and later transmitted to each of them the fact that they had been witnessed doing business with the enemy.

[Top view of Vervair-Class Fighter]

Although he did not reveal any personal data to the IDP Fleet, Will was nevertheless individually targeted by enemy pilots in subsequent battles, and even suffered having his home and family threatened. Despite such pressure, Will continued to be one of the more effective fighter pilots of the IDP Fleet, earning the respect and admiration of his fellow fighter pilots, and the fear of his enemies.

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