[Tetreault-Class Fighter]
[Side view of Foerc-Class Shuttle]
[Top view of Tetreault-Class Fighter]
[Bottom view of Tetreault-Class Fighter]
[Front view of Tetreault-Class Fighter]
SOP for plane-to-spaceship conversions... Fuselage affixed to plasticard, excess excised, then re-joined along one edge only, and the rest spread-out a bit from there. Plasticard and details fill the gaps. Gun barrels and missile bodies are computer pins. Conduit is elastic giftwrap string.

Depicts a light fighter that lost all it's sleekness to extra field-fitted missiles, outboard sensor pods, and an anti-ship "torpedo". The depicted craft, one of the first so reconfigured, was responsible for almost singlehandedly destroying the enemy warship "Linkus" during a particularly daring mission which invloved an extensive reconnoiter and then closing to within point-blank range. Returning from the mission, the pilot found himself abandoned by his carrier, which had left the rendezvous point in fear of reprissal were the Linkus not completely destroyed. After a month of searching for a carrier, the brave pilot was given a hero's welcome aboard another ship.

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