[BG Lander]
[Side view of BG Lander]
[Top view of BG Lander]
[Bottom view of BG Lander]
[Front view of BG Lander]
[Back view of BG Lander]
I started-off trying to copy the "Colony Bus"(which used to be at "http://www.kobol.com/gallery/colnybus.jpg", but now...?) from Battlestar: Galactica. It was made from a tanker-truck cylinder with a tank turret for a nose and a 1/24-scale Airfix Hawker Harrier engine. The cylinder ends were the feet. Anyway, I started trying to copy the ship because I just love the lightening-speed kit-bash look of it, as well as that of the rest of the "we need two dozen ships by Tuesday next" fleet. But I didn't have the same parts, so I had to make some... changes. Oh, and I've also always liked the "SF3D" non-kit vehicles, too.

Then came Aliens: Resurrection. I bought the "Making of" book and read the articles about it in SF & F Modeler. I decided to see how well I could adapt the paint scheme of the Betty to the lander, as the lander had an otherwise featureless fuselage. All-in-all, the paint scheme is pretty nifty, I think. Anybody want to suggest colours for the next ship?

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